The Xenia partners are a group of star entrepreneurs who have led exits of over $3B.

Xenia's team accumulates a critical mass of experience, network and knowledge

Xenia has escorted its portfolio companies from inception through R&D, market penetration, team building and follow-on fundraising with a success rate of over 90%

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Xenia Venture Capital is a hi-tech investment company publicly traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). Xenia is engaged in investing in early stage companies in the areas of high tech and med tech in Israel. Xenia also holds 50% of VLX, a technological incubator operating under the incubator program of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the State of Israel (OCS).

In addition to financing, Xenia provides its companies with top-notch mentoring, business and strategic counseling, fund raising assistance and exit planning, as well as basic infrastructure and peripheral services (finance & accounting, logistics, office support, etc).


Xenia is actively seeking winning ideas which can be made into multi-million dollar companies.
Shaul Shohat, Co-founder, CEO BioProtect & OrthoSpace

As an entrepreneur of several start-up companies, I found Xenia to be a breeding ground, home and partner to our dreams and ideas

Ido Kilemnik, Founder & CEO, Meditate

Knowing that I can call any of Xenia’s team and get an answer in minutes to my daily challenges, proves to me that I have real partners to my way. As a medical device company I feel that the experience Xenia’s team gained over the years in this field is reflected in the answers I receive, and time again puts me in an advantage point

Guy De-Beer, Co-founder & CEO, Playcast Media Systems

Xenia are as professional as tier-1 venture capital firms, and as friedly as a family. Their investment decision process was efficient and quick, and from that point they keep helping in building the company. From operational advice to help with reaching additional investors - Xenia are the supportive partner an early stage project needs

17/07/2014 News
Xenia Venture Capital's Xenolith raises more than NIS 1 million from Europe's Rocamed
Xenolith has FDA and CE approval for its proprietary ureteroscopic filter for the prevention of the migration of stone fragments to the kidneysŽMore...
04/05/2014 News
Playcast Launches Content-Rich Cloud-Based Gaming Service of Console-Quality Using Ouya’S Dedicated Device
According to Anat Segal: “Playcast is the first to launch a high-quality, unique service which appeals to the global market in general and the US market in particular”More...
02/04/2014 News
Due to over-subscription, the company expanded its offering, so that the immediate tranche totalled NIS 5.9 million and an additional, future tranche, will total of NIS 8.1 million — and will be held by way of options exercise
Anat Segal: “We are delighted by the success of the offering, which had over-subscription of almost double, a fact which demonstrates the confidence of investors in the company and in the financial potential of its portfolio companies”More...