VCortex' vision is to pioneer the third generation of print digitalization. The first revolution was started by Scitex with the debut of pre-press workstations, and the second by Creo with its Computer to Plate systems. These Israeli-originated ventures transformed the color management in pre-press and plate making processes from Analog to Digital. VCortex' aim is to raise the digital color management to the next level - into the production floor. VCortex has developed a fast, color scanner to be installed into the most common offset presses which controls the ink keys automatically, replacing the currently required manual operation. Thus, the setup time is reduced by a factor of 10, resulting in significant economies in work hours and paper.

The VCortex solution is in-line with the forces that are currently driving the printing market: rising portion of color jobs, shorter runs, and the strong drive for shorter setup time due to hard pressure on cost. VCortex' unique and patented development enables, for the first time, the utilization of color control for the sheet-fed press market. The installed base of the high-end portion of sheet-fed offset presses is estimated at 80,000 units. With an average VCortex system price of $70,000, this market potential value is above $5B. Automatic Color Control systems are currently sold for web presses (presses fed by rolls of paper) only, in an estimated annual volume of $80m.


VCortex was established in February 2005 and received investment and incubation by Xenia in January 2006, followed by an additional investment by Mr. Yossi Biran. The company has developed a system prototype with beta expected late 2007, established design partnerships with major press manufacturers and submitted PCT patent for unique design and use of an innovative sensor unit for the purpose of color density measurement and control of a color printing press. Other patents (micro electronics, optics and color analysis) - are under preparation



Zeev Mairav, Co-Founder
20 years of hi-tech product development experience, of which more then 10 years in the printing industry. In his last role prior to VCortex he served as a development manager of the main product line of AVT (Advanced Vision Technology), where he led a multidiscipline development of machine vision, imaging electronics and color science based products, and played a major part in bringing AVT from a startup company to a world wide leader in the print inspection domain. Mr. Mairav's profound knowledge of printing industry requirements and available technologies provides VCortex the advantage of being positioned at the forefront of its market.

Asa Ziv, Co-Founder
Mr. Ziv established El-Op's (now Elbit) Laser plant and under his leadership it became a worldwide recognized company. After successful marketing and business development service in Israel Aircraft Industries, Mr. Ziv has joined Scitex.  


Anat Segal, Board Member, CEO of Xenia Venture Capital


Dan Falk, Board Member
Dan Falk served as the President and Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer of Sapiens International Corporation N.V., Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Orbotech, and held senior positions at Israel Discount Bank Ltd. Dan Falk serves as the chairman of the board of directors of Atara Technology Ventures and is a member of the boards of directors of Nice System Ltd, Orad Ltd, Netafim Ltd, Visionix Ltd., Ramdor Ltd., Medcon Ltd. and Advanced Vision Technology Ltd. He received a master's degree in business administration in 1973 from the Hebrew University School of Business.